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April 29, 2010

About Cancellation

Danya: How did you find out about the cancellation?
Stephanie: A couple hours before the announcement was made, the cast and crew of AMC got an e-mail asking us to attend a "mandatory meeting" in one of our studios. I had just shot some heavy, emotional scenes, and when I got back to my dressing room Denise Vasi called. She told me about the e-mail and said that, even though she wasn't on the work schedule that day, she was told that she should come in for the meeting. In the hours leading up to the meeting, we all worried and speculated, most of us suspecting that this would be it.... then we all gathered in "Studio B" where Brian Frons announced that AMC and OLTL were being cancelled.

Danya: What was the reaction among the cast after everyone finding out?
Stephanie: We all had unique reactions to the news. Of course we were all sad about it. I'd say there was an initial sense of wishing it weren't so, of anger that we didn't get a fair shot at bringing the ratings back up, and of comaraderie as we all shared our reactions over drinks at the neighborhood bar (AMC took a big break from shooting that day, and the cast and crew spent that time at the bar, digesting the news and yummy bar food!) There were tears, but also laughs. We are a family, and this news felt sort of like finding out that we've gotta "flee the nest" pretty soon.

Tammy: Why are they canceling AMC?
Stephanie: As I understand it, the reason for canceling the show is purely financial. Daytime serials are expensive to produce, and with ratings so low it's hard to afford the budget any more. ABC can replace our show with something significantly cheaper, produced by an outside production company.

Jessica: I know that I have personally called the network hot line or whatever and posted on their site. If the fan voice is loud enough, do you think they would reconsider?
Stephanie: I'd love to think that they would, but I have to admit I'm skeptical. I think this business operates with $$ as the bottom line, and as much as tradition and story-telling are important to us, I don't think it's as important to "the suits". I think it's worth a try, though! Daytime fans have always had a strong voice, and it's definitely worth trying to convince those in power to keep a beloved genre alive.

Renea: Have they thought about moving AMC to Soap Net or maybe making it an online show
Stephanie: Well, SoapNet is about to be off the air, so that's not an option. I'm not sure if anyone else has considered an online show yet, but I was just talking to my friend, our production manager, about possibly trying to do this. My former co-worker from Guiding Light, Crystal Chappell, did it when she started "Venice: The Series", an online soap. I think it'd be great to keep the soap genre alive online. There's certainly an audience for it!

About AMC

Amanda: Now that you know how much time is left for AMC, does it affect your approach to how you work?
Stephanie: It's pretty much work as usual, although I know I will be more mindful now of enjoying what's left of the experience. I want to do the best work I can, knowing that NOW has got to be the time!

Angie: Are you still taping? Are there plans for a big finale, or will it just end with a regular episode?
Stephanie: We'll continue taping through August, and the show will air through September. I'm not sure what the final episode will be like, though I imagine it'll be something special.

Mike: Any clues about the finale? Will Madison and Scott end up together? Will Jack and Erica finally get married?
Stephanie: No clue yet! At the end of a series, I think it's all about pleasing the fans, so my guess is that the writers will do their best to make everyone happy.

Zenstella: Will they be bringing back any AMC favorites during the final episodes?
Stephanie: Yes, definitely! (Who comes back will, of course, depend on willingness and availability of former cast members.)

Terry: Will you remain on AMC until the final episode?
Stephanie: Not sure yet. I'm part of the cast until the end, but I don't know if some of us will finish before others or what...

Sue: How would you like to see AMC end?
Stephanie: Happily ever after... that type of thing... :)

Audrey: How would you like to see Madison's storyline end?
Stephanie: Hmmm, I'm not sure! I'd mainly just like to get the sense that she's gonna be ok. Madison's had a rough time, and no matter what happens, I just want to know that she's strong enough to make it through anything. It'd be nice if she could settle down romantically too!

Audrey: Would you rather see Madison with Ryan or Scott?
Stephanie: I can't even take sides on this one! I don't know! Both guys are great, but since Scott is the available one, I'll pick him, haha.

Sally: Who would you like to see "Madison" have a steamy love scene with before AMC ends?
Stephanie: Paging Dr. Castillo...! ;-)

Jennifer: Which AMC character, besides Madison, will you miss the most?
Stephanie: I think we'll all miss seeing the iconic Susan Lucci on our screens as Erica Kane.

Sherrick: Who would you have liked to work with on AMC that you didn't get the opportunity to?
Stephanie: I never really got to work with Walt Willey, and he's my favorite! I'm hoping that he and I will get the chance to work on stage together some day.

Shaunette: How have you liked working with the cast of AMC?
Stephanie: AMC has an AMAZING cast. They are like family to me. We have a very eclectic bunch, with all types of personalities, and a ton of talent. I'll miss these guys!

Sherrick: Which cast member is a second resident in your dressing room?
Stephanie: Denise Vasi, for sure. Our dressing rooms are directly across from each other, very convenient.

Kelsey: Did you ever look up to a co-star in their acting? If yes, who?
Stephanie: I look up to all my co-stars. There's so much talent, I'm very lucky to work with all of them. I admire Rebecca Budig's work ethic, and I think Danny Cosgrove is a great example of how to have a lot of fun while still taking the work itself seriously.

Kate: What will you miss most about working at AMC?
Stephanie: The people, cast & crew. (I'm part of a sports fantasy league with the crew, and luckily we've decided to keep it up even after the show's over!)

Kelsey: Will you miss playing Madison?
Stephanie: Playing a character for years at a time will definitely make it hard to say goodbye and move on. But at the same time, I think I'll be ready to explore new characters, too.

Renea: How can the fans show the talented actors and actresses of AMC how grateful we are for all the entertainment they have provided us through the years?
Stephanie: That's a really sweet question. We have felt all of your support over the years, and especially now. The outpouring of support that we've gotten since news broke of the cancelation has been appreciated by all of us, so thank you! In return, I am working on a little video project to show appreciation to the fans (more news to come about that!).

State Of Daytime

Jennifer: Did you watch soaps growing up and if so, which ones? What impact did that have on you?
Stephanie: I did not grow up watching soaps, but have been working on soaps for almost 9 years, so have grown to love them.

Amanda: What do you think this means for the future of the remaining soap operas? How does it make you feel to see this genre slowly dying out?
Stephanie: It saddens me to see soaps dying. They mean so much to those who watch. I have met so many people that grew up with soaps, watched when they were sick, or bonded with family members while watching their "stories". I hope that the remaining soaps do a good job of keeping the genre alive. I really hope that dramatic, scripted television continues to thrive in an age where reality television seems to be taking over.

After The Show's Over

Lucy: Will you still be on Twitter still after AMC is done airing? What is the best way us fans can keep in touch with you?
Stephanie: I'll keep on tweeting, yes. Will you still follow?! haha. And will keep my website updated, too, so keep an eye out, or sign up for my newsletter!

N. Hiltner: Are you staying in California or returning to the East Coast?
Stephanie: I plan to stay in Cali. It's become home for me, and it's definitely the ideal place for actors to live & work.

Melissa: You are such a wonderful actress! Do you have anything in the works right now that we can look forward to in the future?
Stephanie: Aw, thanks! It's hard to really have anything "in the works" just yet... when AMC is over, I'll be auditioning for new roles in film, television, and theatre. Keep you posted!!

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